Anxiety Help and Support – Part 3


Continuing on from Part 2 of this story…

… by Giovanni Dienstmann.

Meditation for Anxiety

Meditation is a proven way to effectively manage anxiety. It doesn’t have the costs associated with therapy, or the side-effects of medication.

There is scientific research suggesting that meditation and mindfulness are as effective as drugs in treating anxiety, depression, and chronic pain (but without those nasty side-effects!). And it doesn’t need to take too long. Actually, there are studies showing that a single meditation session (done right) is already effective in diminishing anxiety.

That is why millions of people are trying meditation. In fact, many doctors and therapists are actively recommending it to people struggling with anxiety, stress and depression. I’ve helped several people who came to me to learn meditation after all other methods had failed them.

Here are some of the ways meditation is helpful against anxiety and stress:

  • Diminishes the influx of thoughts and stimuli 

  • Allows you to relax deeply, and release all tensions 

  • Gives you the ability to pause, re-center, and slow down 

  • Changes your relationship to your thoughts and emotions 

  • Teaches you how to accept yourself, and accept uncertainty 

  • Gives you greater control over your mind 

  • Shows you how to let go of negative narratives 

  • Gives you access to a sense of contentment and peace, no matter what 

The only challenge is this: you need to find the best meditation technique for you, practice it daily, and integrate it in your life. I call these the Three Pillars of Meditation (technique, habit and integration).

Only when you do that is that you will find consistent benefits, and will be able to apply the superpowers of meditation into your daily life. 

Very few people can develop these three pillars on their own. And if they can, it is only after a lot of effort, trial and errors, study and self-discipline. That’s just too hard for most of us.

The good news is that there is an easier way, where you can have it all broken down for you in easy daily steps, with the support of a community and teacher (me). 

The Limitless Life Program

— Overcome Anxiety and Stress. Become Calm, Centered and Focused — 

Limitless Life is the easiest way for you to start, grow and integrate a powerful meditation practice, so that you can finally overcome anxiety and live a more calm and centered life.

It goes deeper than a meditation app, and it is more actionable than a book.

Think of it as the gym membership for your mind and heart. It is a collection of online classes, challenges and meditations that will help you develop mental and emotional fitness, and experience all the benefits that come with it.

What happens in the Program?

  • Once you join you will begin in Phase 1 of Limitless Life (creating a daily meditation habit). 

  • Every day you will receive a lesson that is short, effective, and easy to follow. 

  • The techniques integrate the wisdom of the West and East, and are presented in a way that is practical and engaging. 

  • Step by step, you will progress through the Eight Phases of the program, together with your peers, in your own pace. 

  • As you move forward, you will find your ideal meditation technique, learn how to let go, develop courage, and much more. 

  • You can ask me questions any time, and learn from the experience of other members in the forums. 

  • You can pause or cancel the program any time. 

Limitless Life is more than a meditation course. 

It is a tribe. A community of conscious people committed to living with wisdom and awareness. 

It is an invitation into a new way of living. A movement from scattered life to centered life. From automatic living to conscious living. From anxious to calm and empowered.

Maybe this isn’t for you. Maybe you want something else, or are not yet ready to begin this journey—that’s okay. 

But if this resonates, and if you see what’s possible, then I invite you to join right now. 

This program costs less than a dollar a day, and it will give you ten times more value—if it doesn’t, send me an email in 30 days and I’ll return all your money.

(Include: If you have any questions or concerns about the course, email me anytime)

Limitless Life teaches more than meditation. It includes complementary tools that allow you to take your practice to the next level.

The sad reality is: everything in our modern life is pulling us in the opposite direction. 

We live in a culture of busy-ness, stress, and shallow pursuits. We chase things that are external to us, and lost contact with ourselves and nature. As a result, life often feels meaningless, and mental health issues are on the rise. 

Anxiety is a result of all of that. Our mind—the most essential tool we have—has become our enemy.

Meditation is the way out of this mess. It is the mind becoming your best friend!

But for it to be effective, you need to find the best technique for you, practice it daily, and integrate it in your life.

You can try to do that on your own, or you can join Limitless Life, and we’ll do it together. That’s the shortcut.


Dank W

Giovanni’s meditation teachings produced more results for me in five weeks than the previous 30 years of haphazard guesswork. I couldn’t have done this on my own, and I had tried for several years. His course changed my whole attitude upon life in general, and brought a sense of effortless peace and silence into my days.

Chantel Stucki

Giovanni’s course is put together SO well. Better than any other meditation course or holistic seminar I’ve done so far.

Chiara Pani

I’ve dealt with severe depression and anxiety. I tried therapy and medications but nothing worked like meditation. With Limitless Life, I’ve found my path. The courses went far beyond my expectations, and taught me to master my mind more efficiently.

What’s Stopping You?

Are any of these scripts holding you back from getting started?

I don’t think I can meditate, or have the time for it.

“My mind is too busy.” — “I don’t have time.” — “I can’t sit still.” 

As a meditation teacher, I hear these things all the time. 

The truth is, meditation doesn’t need to be hard, and it doesn’t need to take too much time.

In fact, 10 to 15 minutes a day, done well, can already make a big difference in your life. You don’t need to sit in any difficult posture, or make a whole ritual around it. And it’s not about forcing your mind to be empty either.

Meditation doesn’t require any particular talent. We all have a mind, so we all need to exercise it, and keep it healthy and strong. Meditation does exactly that.

If you have tried meditation before and it didn’t work for you, all it means is that what you learned was not the best meditation technique for you. Or you were not taught in an engaging way. There are hundreds of different styles of meditation out there, and I will help you find the one that works best for you.

I’m afraid that meditation will make me passive or spaced out. I don’t want to lose my edge.

Some meditation groups/teachings out there will indeed make you more passive and spaced out. But that is not what Limitless Life is about. Not at all!

My goal as a practitioner and as a teacher of meditation is to promote empowered peace. That’s one of the things that is different about the way I teach.

With the right guidance and technique, meditation will make you more empowered (not passive or spaced out).

Meditation will teach you how to use your mind more effectively, and how to be more in control of your mental and emotional states. 

Maybe deep down I don’t want to overcome anxiety, because I feel it is protecting me…

This is a narrative that holds many people back—I call it “the anxiety lie”. It is a form of self-sabotage. It keeps the wheel of anxiety spinning without end.

There is danger in the real world—and it would be naive to live as if there was no danger. But it’s much less than your anxiety trip tries to convince you of. More often than not, you are putting up this shield against an imaginary danger. 

The problem is that using this heavy shield comes with a cost. Its handles are full of thorns, so you bleed whenever you bring it up.

The solution, then, is to not carry around the shield of anxiety all the time. You’ve tried that, and it’s costly.

Be a cautious person, yes. But don’t spend all your time looking for dangers to defend yourself against; nor should you trouble to defend yourself against every blow of life. You are stronger than that!

Shift from trusting in your anxiety as a protective mechanism to trusting your resilience. Trust yourself, not your fear. You are stronger than you may think.

Drop your shield. It is hurting you more than it is saving you. Give yourself a chance to try something different. You will not be disappointed.

Have a question about the program? Email me any time and I’d be happy to help. 

Or check the FAQ below.

How much time will this take?

The course is designed to take as little time as possible, so that you can easily fit into your busy schedule. Most daily lessons take from 4 to 10 minutes to learn. There are also periods of pause and reflection, when no new lesson is given.

Does this program demand a lot of self-discipline?

That’s a great question!

Most online courses out there just dump information and exercises on you, expecting that you will have the time, self-discipline, and motivation to follow through on your own. I do not make such assumptions.

Everything in Limitless Life is created in such a way so that it is as easy as possible to follow through, and you are never overwhelmed or confused. There are always some quick wins for you to have every week, with little time investment. And you are also sure to count on my assistance in the forums whenever you need it.

Why is this an ongoing program?

For the same reason that a gym is an ongoing membership: you need a daily practice, and constant access to new material and a community of practitioners. Otherwise it is very easy to disengage from the practice, and fall back into old habits of mind and emotions.

Living with anxiety is an ongoing process. Living anxiety-free is also.

What if I don’t like it?

If you feel this hasn’t met your expectations, you can easily unsubscribe from Limitless Life at any time, with a couple of clicks.

Besides, I’ve got you covered with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Try it for a month, and if you didn’t like it, get all your money back. You’ve got nothing to lose.

What sort of things will I learn?

You will learn multiple meditation techniques, how to start a daily habit that sticks, how to integrate meditation in your life, the art of forgiving and letting go, how to better manage stress, how to improve your sleep, how to overcome fear of failure, and much more.

The lessons include guided meditations and psychological tools based on the disciplines of Coaching, Positive Psychology, CBT, Stoicism, Personal Development literature, and Eastern Philosophies.

Do I need a special worldview in order to follow this?

You don’t need to believe in any particular religion or philosophy to follow Limitless Life; nor does it conflict with whatever beliefs you may have.

I struggle with severe PTSD and thoughts of suicide—will this help me?

Check with your doctor or mental health professional about the suitability of meditation for you. 

I’m not a psychiatrist nor a psychologist—but a meditation teacher, coach, author, and human being sharing the wisdom and tools that I have learned in my own life and work. While I have had students who got better with their PTSD after following my programs, I cannot take personal responsibility for your mental health.

If you have PTSD, intense trauma, or suicide risk, I advise you to get the support of a mental health professional while going through this program. Some of the advanced lessons will ask you to get in touch with your pain, or review some painful experiences, and that can be too hard for you to go through on your own. This program is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of physicians.

Members are advised to regularly consult a physician in matters relating to his/her health and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention. Please do not stop taking prescribed medications or make any drastic life changes without discussing it with your mental health or medical professional. I cannot be held responsible for your personal safety. If you are suicidal or are in potential danger, call the relevant hotline in your country.

How is this program different from a meditation app like Headspace or Calm?

Those meditation apps are a good introduction to the practice—a first taste. But those who wish to take their practice to the next level will need something deeper, and they often find themselves here. 

I have students who started their practice with those apps, or programs from other famous teachers, but came to the Limitless Life courses looking for something deeper, and more interesting. Here they found the transformation there were seeking, and haven’t looked back since. (See some testimonials below)

Who is this program for?

Limitless Life is designed specifically for people who struggle with anxiety, stress or fear. And it is also for those who wish to develop a powerful meditation practice, and grow in life.

Limitless Life is not for you if:

  • You are “just curious”. If all you want is access to some guided meditations to “see what happens”, save yourself some money and get the Headspace app instead (it costs 9.95 a month).

  • You are looking for a “pill approach” or “magical formula” that will change your life with no effort on your part. Transformation always takes some commitment and effort—the difference here is that I make it as easy as possible. 

Limitless Life is for you if:

  • You often experience anxiety, stress or fear ✓ 

  • You are ready to move beyond your limiting beliefs and stories ✓ 

  • You want to create a daily meditation practice that works for you ✓ 

  • You feel that life could be much better once you become more calm, centered and focused ✓  

  • You deeply care about your personal growth, healing, and transformation ✓


Mindi Rosser

I was using the Headspace app, but wanted to take the next step in my practice. Giovanni’s program was incredibly helpful. Now meditation is the way I start my day. It brings me clarity, serenity, and it helps me to center myself… which is really important because, as a mom with three kids, things can get quite chaotic at times. This is the quiet time that I really needed.

Aliona Ogordniciuk

I wanted to calm my mind, be able to hear my true voice, better control my emotions, and be more grateful. Giovanni’s course helped me build self-discipline, and also gave me skills to deal with negative emotions. I am now a calmer and more mindful person. When negativity comes up, I have some extra space inside of me to decide.

Chris Argueta

Giovanni’s course gave me hope and inspiration while all I could feel was frustration and desperation. I follow many mentors and teachers, but Giovanni is unique, and truly lives what he teaches. He gave me actionable strategies that help me carry myself through the bullshit and towards my goals. I have also learned how to work with my mind instead of against it.

Virginia Reagles

I feel sad that this course is almost over now. I have learned so much more than I thought. I had done Deepak Chopra’s meditation lessons, but this is so much more in-depth and more of what I need. I can’t thank you enough for your course!

Curt Tresrite

I’ve purchased a number of meditation programs online, along with a bunch of books and even learned TM at Maharishi University. None of them compares with the impact of your course. I’m feeling very grateful to have found you and your teaching.

Dolores Woodrom

Giovanni’s work is comprehensive, engaging and masterful. I have researched meditation for years but have never found the kind of simple and clear information that you give I wish I had your teachings 30 years ago… It would have saved me a huge amount of time and frustration.

Justyn Comer

I’ve been teaching meditation for the last 20 years. Nevertheless, I’ve learned a huge amount from Giovanni’s work. It’s incredibly comprehensive. He not only teaches you meditation, but also explains how it can show up in your life and make a real difference.

Your Life, Your Choice

We are now at a crossroad. There are two options.

The first option is to postpone. To “think about it”, or pretend it’s not there. To hope that things will get better by themselves, over time. Or to tell ourselves a story that it’s not our fault, and it’s not so bad, and there is not much we can do to change.

The second option is to see fully where we are, and to own it. To understand that there is a big opportunity to grow, to be more peaceful and content. To have clarity about the advantages of self-care, and costs of not learning these tools. 

Our life is the result of our choices. 

Which life do you want to create for yourself? The anxious life, or the centered life?

Anxiety is a big deal. Stress and fear are a big deal. These things prevent us from being our best self, achieving our goals, and being happy here and now. They harm our health and relationships.

Life with less anxiety is possible. And it’s possible for you, if you are ready to invest a dollar a day.

There is more than a $1,400 worth of material in this program. But to make it more accessible for people—in line with my mission—I make it all available for an affordable membership.

It is said that: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

I am inviting you to try something different today—to focus on your mental fitness. To have less mental noise, and live more fully. To take a step to master your mind, and master your life.

Join Limitless Life! You have nothing to lose.

If for any reason you are not happy with the program, then I’ve got you covered with a 30-day money back guarantee. Simply ask for a refund in the first month, and you will get your money back. The only thing I ask is that you have actually tried the course, and gone through at least the first eight lessons.

No guesswork needed. Zero risk.

So click the enroll button to start this journey into calm and centered! The benefits will be greater than you think.

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