What is a Life Coach ?


A life coach is a professional who guides clients through personal or career challenges to achieve their life goals.

While some believe that life coaches are only for those in dire need, you might be surprised that even Oprah, and top CEOs work with a life coach to attain peak performance of their practical and emotional life.

Isn’t a Life Coach Just like a Guru or Therapist?

Unlike a guru, a life coach doesn’t speak or preach to the general public and doesn’t require you to subscribe to their belief system. Instead, they create a customized and personal approach for each client’s needs and preferences… in order to help them develop or amend their belief system.

And unlike a therapist, a life coach is not a healthcare professional. They use their years of training, expertise and life experience to help clients recognize happiness and achieve life goal success.

Whilst therapists are licensed to work with trauma and mental health issues, working with a life coach requires a Client to have a baseline of good health and mental alertness. As with all learning, the ability to grasp new concepts is essential. If you are struggling with mental illness or mental lucidity, a therapist may be more appropriate for your needs.

Why do I need a Life Coach ?

They say, “Life is a game”, and to help you win it, a life coach maximizes your strengths and reframes your perceived weaknesses.

A life coach guides your decisions, moves, and trains you to be your best version.

Since we all have a tendency to suffer from tunnel vision and tend to lose perspective, a life coach can provide focus and helps us re-assess our beliefs and priorities.

Depending on the areas you wish to improve upon, you may choose a specialist personal development coach or a health and wellness coach to provide you with the support to reach your visions.

Signs you may benefit from a Life Coach

  • You feel stuck
  • You struggle with deciding what to do with your life
  • You feel like your dreams are becoming difficult to reach
  • You want to fast-track your success
  • You feel you are missing out
  • You want to reprogram your mind and your life
  • You feel you are not good enough

Benefits of using a Life Coach

#1. Having an expert’s perspective

Life coaches are wellness professionals who have mastered self-development techniques and have successfully completed hundreds of coaching hours. Whether you want to grow in a specific area such as business or want to improve holistically, a life coach will help you eliminate your fears and re-assess your limiting beliefs.

#2. Being able to express yourself freely

Opening up to friends and family might be therapeutic, but we often filter what we say out of fear or shame. A life coach maintains an unbiased and non-judgmental perspective and supports the most authentic version of yourself.

#3. Personalized guidance

While reading self-help and personal development books are great ways to learn, how many times have you tried them and found they just didn’t work for you? A life coach creates a customized program specifically for your personality and taking into account your individual goals.

#4. Accountability

Whereas a book never asks you for personal updates or a progress report, a life coach is both your mentor and partner, keeping track of your progress in achieving your planned goals.

#5. Gaining practical life skills

Life coaches connect you to your inner wisdom, so that whenever you feel stuck, hopeless, unmotivated, or uninspired, you are provided with the capacity and tools to work through your roadblocks.

The training and practices life coaches share with their clients are designed to support clients both with day to day challenges, and with longer term strategies. These tools, once learnt and adopted, set up a Client for life.

Just as in the old fishing saying, a Life Coach wants to teach you, and provide you with the tools, to deal with any future situation.

How is Life Coaching provided ?

There are basically two ways—face-to-face and online. 

During the first sessions, a life coach will help you pinpoint the precise areas to focus on … which will reap the most growth and fulfillment in your life.

From there, they create a program with specific tools, practices, and tasks … designed to help you bridge the gap between your now and the future you want to create.

Why Online Life Coaching is preferred by many

  • More cost-efficient
  • Accessibility
  • Consumes less time and energy
  • Textbooks, reports and tools can be easily shared

What should I do next ?

If you need guidance in any aspect of your life—be it a re-assessment of limiting beliefs or goal setting … then investing in a life coaching program may just what you need.

Book a session now or learn more about why life coaching is good for you.

It’s time that you take charge of your life right now. Your future self will surely thank you for it.

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